Summer is a state of mind.


Dirtyboogie Dj/producer and  founder of the artist collective Get Summered• Boogie is all about creating  lifetime of memories. He represents all things raw, from his beats, his selections and his interaction with the crowd. He lives by this motto  "Don't talk about it, be about it".

creativity takes courage".



TEN years in the DJ game, BIG VIC is still going strong.  Hailing from Our Nation’s Capital, BIG VIC cut his teeth and many records on the now infamous U St. strip, as well as clubs all over DC.  For the last five years he has called Brooklyn his home.  With popular DJ residencies throughout The Big Apple, BIG VIC has been tearing through dance floors, leaving speakers buzzing and crowds chanting for more. Regularly collaborating with BK’s freshest DJ’s and Producers, his “No Genre Left Behind” approach to LIVE DJ’ing leaves EVERYONE DANCING. He’s The Guru of Good Times!


Edward Askew (formerly known as DJ SWISHERHANDS) is a California bred, New York based DJ and Event Director for DAYLIFE NYC. He approaches the party life as a historian, community organizer, and musicologist.

In 2009, EDWARD ASKEW began DJing in New York on a Brooklyn rooftop and never stopped. With a sound that’s rooted in Tech House, Garage Disco, Jersey Club, Gangsta Rap, he’s rocked parties large and small from coast to coast. His innate passion and ability to connect eclectic groups of people has been instrumental in building some of New York’s most successful parties from the ground up. 


2014 DMC NY DJ BATTLE CHAMPION, a tsunami of fun, something kinda special...

I went to a block party around age 9 and saw a DJ for the first time. My dad bought me my first turntable at age 13 and I never looked back. My taste in music varies from funk to electronic to classical. My background as a turntablist enables me to move from genre to genre effortlessly. My drug of choice is the crowd. We work well together.


Unburdened by the bands of time, and hailing from planet Earth, DTCHPLNES was born out of a yearning for change. Proficient in Music Production and Turntablism, he has traveled abroad as a student of life, tirelessly working to bring new thoughts, new words, new actions to the community. His first EP to date, “What we Want”, is a mixture of electronic instrumentals, boasting big drums, airy synths and the charismatic vocals of Danny Brown. DTCHPLNES represents the independent thinker eager to leave a footprint for the world to discover. He crosses time and genres, bending the mood of a room- from the euro dance feel and percussion of "Lost Baggage" to the chill wave, bass heavy "Casmere Remix". DTCHPLNES provides the unexpected: Responsive, Adaptive, Progressive.


Majyk Jonson is
Canadian born, Motown raised.. Currently in Toronto, serving up all types of flavor from the hip hop that has educated him to the ghetto-tech and house fed to him growing threw the 90's Detroit rave scene... With a music collection (vinyl, cassette, cd and mp3) some could die for... Majyk is your favorite Dj's favorite Dj...

Jah bless..!!